Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL

Past SVHL Champions Saskatchewan Valley news Milden Sask. Trophy

2017: Eston Ramblers, 2016: Kyle Elks, 2015: Rosetown Redwings,2014: Kyle Elks,2013: Rosetown Redwings,2012: Rosetown Redwings,2011: Rosetown Redwings,2010: Kyle Elks,2009: Kyle Elks,2008: Dodsland Stars,2007: Kyle Elks, 2006:Kyle Elks, 2005: Kyle Elks, 2004: Dodsland Stars,2003: Dodsland Stars, 2002: Dodsland Stars, 2001: Dodsland Stars, 2000: Loreburn 19ers, 1999: Conquest Merchants, 1998: Loreburn 19ers, 1997: Conquest Merchants, 1996: Conquest Merchants, 1995: Conquest Merchants, 1994: Conquest Merchants, 1993: Hague Royals, 1992: Delisle Bruins, 1991: Conquest Merchants, 1990: Delisle Bruins, 1989:Hague Royals, 1988: Hague Royals, 1978: Warman Wildcats, 1977: Hague Royals, 1976: Rosthern Wheat Kings, 1975: No Competition, 1974: Rosthern Wheat Kings, 1973 Rosthern Wheat Kings, 1972: Hague Royals, 1971: Rosthern Wheat Kings, 1970: Warman Wildcats, 1969: Rosthern Wheat Kings, 1968: Leask Flyers, 1967:Leask flyers, 1966: Hague Royals. I have no history from 1979-87.

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