Sask Valley Hockey League - SVHLSask Valley Hockey League - SVHL
SVHL Executive

President: Doug Hodgins
Vice President: Trevor Drury
Past President: Dean Corbett
Secretary/ Treasurer: Cindy Rempel
Statistician: Rachelle Wright

OT format

5 minute 4 on 4 then 5 minute 3 on 3, both sudden death, winner gets 2 points loser 1, after these 2 periods game will end in a tie with both teams getting 1 point.

Provincial Playoffs

It's that time of year again - Provincial Playoffs! The SVHL has 8 teams competing in three divisions. Below are the first round match-ups. Dates and times will be posted once they are confirmed.

Senior B - Outlook Vs. Rosthern, Eston Vs. Unity, Beechy Vs. Biggar (1st round buy)
Senior C - Delisle Vs. Drake
Senior D - Loreburn Vs. Luseland, Kenaston Vs. Edam, Kyle Vs. Craik - Game 1 Jan. 27, 7:00 in Kyle, Game 2 Feb. 3 at 7:30 @ Craik, Central Butte Vs. Stasbourg

Good Luck to all teams! Bring home some Banners!

Player of the week

Week 1 - Jonathan Redlick, Beechy
Week 2/3 - Zach Douglas, Elrose
Week 4 - Brennan Bosovich, Kyle
Week 5 - Mitch Day, Kyle
Week 6 - Dustin Stevenson, Eston
Week 7 - Jesse Book, Loreburn
Week 8/9 - Dave Armet, Central Butte
Week 10 - Alex Barnes, Beechy

Presidents Message

A nine team league this year with 3 geographical divisions makes for a 20 game schedule for each team. Each team will play a home and home with all teams and another home and home with both teams in their divisions. In division 1 is Eston, Elrose and Kyle, 2 is Beechy, Delisle and Outlook, 3 is Central Butte, Kenaston and Loreburn. The top 8 teams will make the playoffs with the top team having a choice of whom they play in round 1 from the bottom 4 teams, 2nd place can now choose and then 3rd leaving the 4th place team playing the remaining team. Playoffs remain 3 of 5 in the 1st 2 rounds with the finals either 3 of 5 or 4 of 7 decided upon by both teams reaching the finals.

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League Contact Info :
Doug Hodgins  

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